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Offering your clients the ability to secure their financial future and provide fo their families is one of the greatest services you can provide.

PC Agency Help is teaming up with agencies just like yours all over the country to assist in providing the coverage your clients need.
At PC Agency Help, we take the guess work out of writing life insurance. We have developed a program to help you assist your client with their life insurance and investment needs without worrying about product details, underwriting guidelines or time consuming followup.

We currently staff licensed agents to assist you and your client in finding the most affordable coverage to meet their needs and the right investments to meet their goals. The program is simple. You fax a pre-printed referral sheet to PC Agency Help. Your agent will then quote your client, order the exam, send the application to the client and submit it to the carrier. Once the case is submitted, our agent will follow the case through underwriting, letting you know of the status and obtaining any additional requirements needed. Once the policy is issued, we can either mail it directly to the client or to your office for personal delivery.

By making the choice to let PC Agency Help assist you and your clients, you can be assured that your client will be treated with the upmost professionalism and courtesy, by a licensed agent working on your behalf.
Finding a way to talk to your client about the need for life insurance can be a challenge. That's why we've created marketing material you can customize for your agency. These materials include:
  • Marketing Letters
  • Product Brochures
  • Newsletters
  • E&O Liability Waivers
  • Discounted Mailing Lists

  • We have all the material you will need to launch an effective marketing campaign. Whether you are targeting current clients or future prospects, PC Agency Help can help you find the words and the method to reach your target market.

    By letting your clients know that your life services division can assist them with their life insurance and investment needs, you can position yourself to be the only call your client will ever have to make. Why not eliminate the competition before they have a chance to eliminate you.
    With over 35 carriers to choose from, your client will find the right product at the right price:
  • Term Life
  • Return of Premium
  • Estate Planning
  • Survivorship Programs
  • Universal Life
  • Annuities
  • Equity Indexed Products
    Our experienced, licensed life agents will research the market and provide quotes to your clients for the most affordable plans to meet their needs.

    With the use of a state of the art agency management system, our agents track your business daily, keeping you informed on every case.

    With case status updates being fed into our system nightly, directly from the carriers, you can be assured that any requirements or follow up on your cases is being handled by our licensed agents immediately.

    Faster follow up, means faster issue, which of course means faster payment to you.
  • 24-Hour Online Case Status
  • Quoting
  • Email Agent Notifications
  • Contracting
  • Case Placement Specialist
  • Exams
    Not only will marketing life insurance increase your income and your client retention, it can also qualify you and a guest for a free vacation.

    Once you've achieved a certain premium level for the year, you'll be invited to join us on a fabulous free vacation.

    Our annual convention is just another way for us to help make your life easy.